Pete Burns Files for Divorce after Simpson proves unfaithful, assaults Burns in his home

Pete Burns, who only ten months prior to their relationship ending, was publicly declaring his adoration and devotion to partner Michael Simpson on channel 4’s Richard & Judy, has recently been quoted as saying that gay marriages don’t work because men are too predatory. The Dead or Alive singer dressed as a japanese geisha for the civil ceremony, where the couple were photographed looking very much in love.

Pete Burns & Michael Simpson at their Civil Ceremony celebration, showing no indication that ten months later, Burns would be citing infidelity as grounds for filing for divorce.

Pete Burns & Michael Simpson at their Civil Ceremony celebration, showing no indication that ten months later, Burns would be citing infidelity as grounds for filing for divorce.

Looking back on the time the couple spent in matrimonial bliss is hardly a pleasant event for Burns, who admits he loved Simpson very much, but simply hadn’t forseen that his husband’s vision of married life would differ so starkly from his own. Burns is quoted by The Mail as saying: “Surely marriage is throwing anchor and saying, ‘This is where I’m staying, I’ve made my choice and this is all I want because I’ve been on the up and down escalator, through the revolving door and I want to stand still.’ That’s what I expected.”  Clearly, Michael Simpson had an entirely different take on life as a married gay man.

Burns describes gay marriages as essentially dysfunctional, narcissistic and compiled of troubled individuals seeking a father figure or a source of validation. Summing up the difference between heterosexual marriage and homosexual marriage, Pete describes the former as “the whole movie” while deeming the latter a “commercial break.” It should be noted that Burn’s marriage to ex-wife Lynne Corlett lasted 28 full years, and that in their union, it was Pete who cheated on Lynne with none other than his current soon to be ex, Michael.


If nothing else, Burns union with Simpson was passionate, both in love and in war. In fact, last May, police responded to a call from Pete Burns’ residence, learning, upon arrival that the Dead or Alive singer was allegedly attacked by Simpson, who broke Burns’ collarbone directly after breaking into his estranged husband’s home.

With Pete Burns feeling the sting of both his soon to be ex-husband’s infidelity and his alleged physical assault, he did the one thing we’d all likely at least think of doing in his position; he sought revenge. Anyone who is fimiliar with the eccentric singer’s style and temper is unlikely to be completely shocked by his chosen methods, either. Pete Burns leaked a home done porno video of himself and Michael by posting it on XTube, coming to his senses and removing the video a few hours following the x-rated post. It is reported that the video showed Burn’s getting “rimmed”, and describe the scene as follows:

“Pete has a big hairy crack and gets rimmed, and a real ugly cock with overhanging forskin and huge dangling bollocks.”
How positively marvelous for him!! Now, if you’ll all be good enough to excuse me, I have to go and bleach my brain briefly…


~ by double2dee on April 11, 2009.

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