Johnny Depp to take on Another Hunter Thompson Character as “Paul Kemp” in “The Rum Diaries”

My lover who has yet to be informed of the fact he’s my lover,  Johnny Depp is currently working on an adaptation of yet another Hunter S Thompson work of wonder, The Rum Diaries. The autobiographical novel was penned in the late 1950’s, prior to Hunter coming into his own via his invention of “Gonzo Journalism;” and finds freelance journalist Paul Kemp in Puerto Rico virtually saturated by the plethora of lost souls surrounding him.

Not satisfied to simply star in another challenging and thought-provoking role, Depp is also co-producing the film with Graham King, who secured the rights to adapt the book to film for both his production company, GK Films, and Depp’s, Infinitum Nihil. This project sounds like a lot for the actor, who has been seemingly working non-stop these past few years, to take on. Personally, I believe the actor has matured and grown a great deal through both his cinematic successes and failures, and bringing that knowledge to this film, is likely to hit all the right notes with his target audience.

Now, if only  I could hit my target of sitting on Depp’s nekid lap with  my nekid self… interviewing this amazing star instead of just reporting as per press releases, which is annoying, because no press release is going to help me carry Johnny Depp’s love child… so I can expand my journalistic and literary grind and hip roll techniques.

Yumyum the mouth watering movie star of my dreams...

Yumyum the mouth watering movie star of my dreams...


In other news, Crazy Spice continues her bid to outdo her insanity a little more each and every day, creating a certain sense of dread within my heart each time she prays on by. The other day, I also distinctly heard her use my name whilst chatting in punjabi with a relative, leading me to believe she may be attempting to blow dart me during the dinner hour and drag my remains into the woods out back. I’ve attempted to share my fears with staff, however they all seem to think I’m terribly amusing and just trying to be entertaining. Not one of them has bothered to check Crazy Spice’s room for a blow gun, poison darts, or lye, which I have to tell you, I find just downright neglectful.

No one who includes your name in all prayers beginning with “Lord, please strike down the following barriers to my righteous place as sultana in your oatmeal cookie of love” can be up to any manner of good, in my humble opinion. If I suddenly stop blogging, please, one of you, contact the police and tell them I’ve been blowdarted for standing in the way of Crazy Spice being celestially turned into a raisin and baked into Jesus’s oatmeal cookie of Luuurve. They’ll know what to do…I know they will.



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