Johnny Depp’s Wedding

In search of ones self whilst within a rehabilitative facility, it becomes equally important to find escapes from all the reality you are made to live with. A huge dose of reality all at once frightens a crack head, we are not used to this manner of living, and find it very heavy and taxing.
As such, I have created another, happy little world within my brain. Within this world, Johnny Depp is my hot native hunka hunka burning YUMMMMMY. He comes when I call, kinda like a dog would, and licks far better than any puppy. *Sigh* He is also going to buy me a wonderful ring, whisk me off to the most romantic spot in Scotland we can find, and marry me in front of Dundas Castle, then whisking me off to our fabulous honeymoon suite for hours upon hours upon days of endless animal like sex.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…..Jo00hnnny Dee-eeep! *Salivates*

I informed one of the staff here that this world was the one I resided in, and she got a set look about her usually lovely latino features. “Not unless I decide to give him to you!” she informed me firmly. It’s nice to know my Johnny entertains the imaginations of addicts everywhere, staff and client alike, regardless of where we are in recovery.

Now, if only we could find a method of transporting Mr. Depp into my room and bed, where he belongs…all will be well.

Better than Crack Cocaine, Better than being High...Here's Johnny!

Better than Crack Cocaine, Better than being High...Here's Johnny!


~ by double2dee on January 27, 2009.

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