Britney Spears Really Should Be Here

In recent news, poor Britney has suffered the rather public humiliation of having to hand her child over to a swat team after barricading herself into her home with the young boy. And, as usual, every is quick to look upon this situation with judging eyes, and pursed lips. “How could she possibly do that to her child??! My God, that woman is insane!!” And so and so forth because, ultimately, isn’t it so much easier to look at someone else’s breakdown and judge them than it is to admit to your own failings?

Let’s look at the facts, folks. First and foremost, we have a woman here who, from a very young age, was controlled totally by Hollywood. Told what to say, how to say it, who to be, and when to be it. How to sing, and what to sing about…not to mention how to move when she sang it. Her entire life being controlled by the Sparkle Nazi’s, one day, Britney has an epiphany; “You know what, ya’all? I want to do something I want to do for once.” So she does it, she marry’s Jason, and then has the marriage annulled. Then she marries Federline and produces a litter. So now, she’s got herself a husband that’s right there to spend her money and leach of her name, and she’s the mother of two…SMILE, Honey…here’s your close up.

And here’s the public, a lot of us who, by the way, have also been pregnant at one time or another, and have also had relationships end badly at one time or another, screaming in laughter over the fact Brit’s got a belly on her because, *gasp* she gained weight whilst popping children out of her one right the fuck after the other.

No one stopped to think: “This is a huge change in her life, and it’s got to be damned hard to have that much change come at you that quickly. I hope she gets herself together and handles this all.” NOPE, not the public, not the paps…it’s “Ha! Look at her belly jiggle!” And “Hehe…Federline’s album was a bomb!” Then “Ho Ha, Brit’s locking herself in with her kid…that girl is fucked man.”

Well, you know what, if I felt like I was losing it all, and I had just lost my marriage, my image and myself, and if I felt like the last thing in my life that I loved, and I mean loved more than anything else in this world, was going to be taken from me too…I can’t say I wouldn’t lock myself into my damn house too. Wouldn’t you? How many mother’s out there would happily hand the child over knowing you might not see that baby again for a long time? Is it that hard to show this girl a little sympathy, and is it really that difficult to say “Well Done Girl!” over her new album, which honestly is pretty damn hot?

Britney Spears isn’t a label, or a statue, or some symbol. She’s a real feeling thinking and hurting woman who needs every bit of support in this world she can get right now; because, you know what? This last while, the world has thrown her nothing but shit and I’m sure she’s at the point where she sorta believes that’s all there is out there because of that. STOP thinking of her as a symbol, START remembering her as a single mother, a hurt woman, and a struggling person in pain.

Britney, you are amazing, and I wish you find support and a safe place to be who you are within that support, as I’ve found here. May God hold you and keep you until then, darlin’.


~ by double2dee on January 26, 2009.

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